LuaSNMP is a library for programming Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) client applications based on the Net-SNMP library. It provides access to MIB definitions and supports all primitives of SNMP version 1, 2c and 3.

The project is the continuation of LuaMan, developed by Michele E. Lima and Ana Lucia de Moura, which itself is based on the CMU library from the Carnegie Mellon University and uses Lua version 2.5. I decided not to integrate the LuaMan ICMP and DNS submodules into LuaSNMP, because DNS access is now availabe through the excellent LuaSocket library, which is probably also a better home for the ICMP stuff. 


LuaSNMP is released under the MIT/X-Consortium License.


LuaSNMP is divided into two major parts:

Supported Platforms

General Features

MIB Access Features

SNMP Access Features


LuaSNMP can be  downloaded from LuaForge.


You need the following components to compile and install LuaSNMP:

I recommend to install LuaSocket, LuaLogging and stdlib using LuaRocks.

For detailed install instructions see the INSTALL file that comes with the distribution.

What's New ?



Lua Homepage


LuaMan Homepage

NetSNMP Homepage

Lua Wiki

Lua Mailing List

Finalized Exceptions


Please refer to file TODO in the top level directory of LuaSNMP.